The ImpressCMS core can be translated in many different languages. This is done by keeping the language-specific parts of the core in a separate set of files. These files are language-dependent, so we can add multiple languages at the same time, and let the administrator decide which can be used by the system.

Keeping up with the translation of these language files is not that easy to do by hand, so we have turned towards a service that is specifically created for this : Transifex.

Core Translations

The core translations are managed in the ImpressCMS project on Transifex. These are managed by the core developers. Any new core translation strings ('slugs' as they are called by Transifex) should be added by the core developers.

Module Translations

The module translactions can be managed in the icms-modules project on Transifex. Adding the translation files should ideally be handled by module developers. That ensures that any change in the language files is done quickly to the base language.

Translation Teams

Transifex allows to define different translation teams, which are depending on the language. If you speak English and French, you could apply for addition to both the english and the french language team. It is the coordinators that grant these requests.

Becoming a translator

First, you should register yourself with Transifex. That can be done using a number of account systems (Google, Twitter, Facebook, linkedin) so chances are you can just re-use an account you created somewhere else.

Once you are registered on Transifex, you can then ask to be added to the translation team for a specific language. To do that, apply on this form. As soon as your request is granted, you can start translating.

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