When writing a news article, it's important you convey your message to the community with enough information to let them know what they're actually reading about. In this guide we give a rough example of what should be included in a news article as minimum. The old school rule of the 5 W's certainly applies here - tell the readers Who? What? When? Where? Why? There are 3 things to give some thought to -

The Title Provide the readers with an informative title - not just a teaser. Remember, many readers are using RSS to keep up with the latest news on ImpressCMS and a title may be all they see.

The Summary Just the basics about your news item - what makes it newsworthy? Tell us who, what, when, where, and why.

The Body Give us all the details - some good suggestions follow, with some specifics for different types of articles.

Themes & Modules When releasing new or modified themes and modules it's vital to include some of the following details:

  • What is it? Give a brief description of the item your publishing.
  • What does it do?
  • Screenshots are the packaging, people love this because they can see product before actually doing anything else. Eye candy is always the best seller.
  • What makes this theme or module special?
  • Does it have any special features?
  • What other technologies does it utilise? (jQuery, Prototype, etc)
  • Are there any known bugs or conflicts?
  • A clear link to download
  • Any other instructions including installing, upgrading from previous versions, special requirements, etc?
  • Who was involved in creating your master piece?

They're using ImpressCMS! Fantastic, you've built the perfect site and now your ready to tell the world, but your not sure what to tell them? The following details are always appreciated:

  • What's the site about, who's your target market and why should the community visit?
  • Is your design custom, did you do it?
  • What modules the site uses and were any custom?
  • What you hope to achieve with your new ImpressCMS website in the next year, 5 years or even 10 years?
  • Screenshots are the packaging, people love this because they can see product before actually doing anything else. Eye candy is always the best seller.
  • Your URL, the web link to your new site.
  • Who was involved in creating your master piece?
  • Is this a fresh installation, or did you migrate from another platform? What did you go through to move everything to ImpressCMS?

These are guidelines for you to follow when making a press release on the ImpressCMS network. The intention behind these guidelines are to ensure the community as a whole are able to make an informed decision about whether to download your release, visit your website or preform another action intended by the release of the article.

Notes: Failure to follow these guidelines may result in your article being rejected, however if this is the case then a member of the team will be in contact with you to inform you why it failed to meet the criteria along with instructions and further guidance on how to improve your article for resubmission and inclusion. ImpressCMS realises our community is spread throughout the world and English is not always the native language, for this reason we understand that mistakes are made by the authors and as such we reserve the right to edit an article to ensure it is clear and readable in English. You may also wish to take the time to submit your article to other international support sites - Click Here

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