imDevMonitor is a native ImpressCMS which purpose is to allow complete monitoring and tracking of the development team. It allows the participation of employees to complete the log information and report events that are occurring in the most varied sectors of the project ImpressCMS


Version - 1.0


  • Written from scratch using the IcmsPersistable Framework
  • Implementation of ImDevMonitor object extending IcmsPersistableObject
  • Use of IcmsDatabaseUpdater to dynamically create the database structure of the module
  • Collect all the involvement of development in SF.
  • Process information to generate reports for work
  • Monitor progress of integrated ads

Admin side

  • List and sort revision using IcmsPersistableTable
  • Filter revisions by status and by devs using IcmsPersistableTable
  • Add and edit comments ins Revision using IcmsForm automatically created by the framework
  • Config option: How many revisions devs to display on index page and dev page
  • Config option: What groups are allowed to comments and complements revisions

User side

  • Edit Revisions complements and comments if user has proper rights, using IcmsForm automatically created by the framework
  • Index page: list leads of last X Revisions sorted by published date DESC
  • Poster page: list leads of last X Revisions posted by a dev via SF sorted by published date DESC
  • Month page: list leads of last X Revisions of the selected month sorted by published date DESC
  • Revision page: displaying full Revisions
  • Integration with ImpressCMS Comments system
  • Integration with ImpressCMS Notification system
  • Integration with ImpressCMS Global Search feature


  • Latest Revisions (options: number of revisions, All devs or specific dev
  • Revisions by months
  • Revisions by Devs
  • Revisions by Section (Core / modules / Language / themes / ExternalModules)
  • Stats Dev (All Stats about development)

Version - 1.1

Wish List


RSS Feed for each Dev and Revision. (This is already on the 1.1 release plan)

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