Many files in ImpressCMS will have include or require statements at the beginning of the file. These statements are documentable elements and they should have their own DocBlocks, separated from the page-level docblock. When phpDocumentor finds an include or require statement, it extracts the filename and attempts to link to documentation for that filename if possible. Include statements may only have any of the standard phpDocumentor tags phpDocumentor will attempt to locate the included file in the list of files parsed, and if found will make a link to that file's documentation. Use the following as a template for documenting include, include_once, require and require_once

 * Description

You can also reduce this to a single line

 /** Description */

You can see how to document other code elements by visiting Documenting Code Elements Category: Getting Started Category: Development Category: Documentation <[Languages |Include Code Documentation Block - DocBlock]>

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