Transifex Setup

Transifex offers a cutting-edge web-based translation editor. Once you have finished your translations, you want to generate a language archive ready for use. To do that, you will need to use the Transifex client.

Getting Transifex client

The transifex client is available here from the Transifex site. Download the version for your operating system and install it by putting the executable file in the folder where you plan to work on your translations.

Initializing your workspace

Before starting to work,you need to initialize your workspace. Do that this way:

tx init

This will ask for the server you want to use, accept the proposed default, and create a config file.

Configure workspace resources

tx set --auto-remote

This will configure all the resources that are included in the ImpressCMS translations, but it will not yet download or create any translation files.

Getting translation files

Now that you have the project and its resources configured, you can start downloading translations to your local machine.

tx pull -l

The downloaded files will be downloaded and placed in the correct folder for distribution of a full ImpressCMS version.That means that the installation files will be included in the 'htdocs' folder, and that there are also files in the 'update' and 'extras' folder.

Pushing local translations to Transifex

When you have translations files locally, you can push your translated files easily to Transifex. When you do your translations in Transifex itself, you shouldn't need this.

Pay attention when doing this:  you will overwrite the data for that specific resource. Transifex does not merge the contents, but removes the contents of the original file before adding yours.

tx push -t -l -f --skip --no-interactive -r

Eg. to push the TinyMCE integration translations in Dutch, you would use this:

tx push -t -l nl_NL -f --skip --no-interactive -r impresscms.editorstinymcephp

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