The procedure to include the icons for any module is quite simple. All that must be done is to include 2 new lines in xoops_version.php of the module indicating the path of icons. Just use the system module as an example.

$modversion['name'] = _MI_SYSTEM_NAME;
$modversion['version'] = 1.02;
$modversion['description'] = _MI_SYSTEM_DESC;
$modversion['author'] = "";
$modversion['credits'] = "The ImpressCMS Project";
$modversion['help'] = "system.html";
$modversion['license'] = "GPL see LICENSE";
$modversion['official'] = 1;
$modversion['image'] = "images/system_slogo.png";
$modversion['dirname'] = "system";
$modversion['iconsmall'] = "images/icon_small.png";
$modversion['iconbig'] = "images/cp.png";

The last 2 lines on the quote indicate the path of the images for icons. Currently the two icons are the following size: icon_small.png = 16 pixels by 16 pixels cp.png = 32 pixels by 32 pixels

Adding to an actual module

Example - wfdownloads

  • Open admin/menu.php
  • Look for these lines:
$adminmenu[$i]['title'] = _MI_WFD_BINDEX;
$adminmenu[$i]['link'] = "admin/index.php";
  • Add the following line:
$adminmenu[$i]['icon'] = "images/icon_x.png";

where icon_x.png = the image you wish to use for the option. (You can use any filename you wish)

  • Please note: use images with 32x32 pixels
  • Repeat for each "adminmenu" option, with suitable icon.

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