Moving ImpressCMS from one server to another server can be useful in various cases:

  • moving your site from a test setup to production
  • when you change hosting provider
  • simply moving from one machine to another

Doing this in ImpressCMS is quite easy, with just a few minor changes to take care of.

The simple approach assumes that you move everything verbatim from one location to another. The Detailed approach explains what you are doing, so you can choose for your specific case what is and what isn't relevant.

Simple Approach

  1. Make a full backup of your database, web root (public_html) AND your trust path folder as well (sits outside your web root).
  2. Upload the contents of your old web root onto the new server's web root.
  3. Upload the trust path folder onto the new server in the same relative position, and update mainfile.php to point to it.
  4. Create a database on the server, with the same name as your old one.
  5. Check that your new server has a database user, and that the user has the permissions required to access/modify the database (usually this is done in cPanel or equivalent). The database username/password should be the same as on your old server.
  6. Upload your database backup into the database on the new server.
  7. That's all, it should now be working. You might want to change the database / admin passwords now, just in case (you will need to edit the credentials stored in /trustpath/mainfile.php to reflect the changes).

Detailed Approach

Make a backup

Create copies of

  • the database folders starting with your database prefix (use a tool like phpMyAdmin or something similar for that)
  • your entire site, leaving out the contents of the 'cache' and the 'templates_c' folders. You need the folders themselves and the index.html files, all the rest can be safely removed.
  • Everything in your Trust Path.


Upload contents and trustpath

This is easy, just upload the files into the right folders. Upload your content into the folder on your server that will be served on the internet.

Upload the Trust Path to a location outside your server folder.

Database creation and setup

content coming later

Configuration adaptations

content coming later

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