ImpressCMS has a multilanguage built in feature. This feature was originally is based on the Easiest Multilanguage Hack created by GIJOE.

Setting up the Multilanguage feature

You will then need to configure the other options of that page for the multilanguage feature to work properly with the languages you need. Please, pay attention to this image:

This feature is turned off by default so, in order to activate this feature, simply go in Control Panel > Preferences > Multilanguage settings and turn the Enable Multilanguage option to Yes.

Enter the required Multilanguage pair names: examples are: en = English fr = French es = Spanish de = German ... etc Enter the language name - this is used for the name of the language flag icon examples are: english french spanish german ... etc Enter the language caption - this is used as an "alt-tag" for the image: examples are: English French Spanish German ... etc Enter the correct Char-set option for the language.

Using Multilanguage

Language Selection block

Once the multilanguage feature is turned on, you can display a language select block on your site. Simply go in Control Panel > Blocks and edit the Language Selection block.

Displaying language change links wherever you want

If you do not wish to use the Language Selecting block, you can simply use the tag English Nederlands  wherever you want on your site:

  • in a custom block
  • in your theme
  • in a template
  • in a PHP file

English Nederlands  will be replaced by language selection links. In any text document, use the correct tag pair for the required language. These consist of an opening and closing square bracket, containing the language pair. Example: This is some English Text[de]Dies ist in einigen deutschen Text[/de][es]Esto es algo de español texto[/es] These codes can be used in any document or block. The text for the enclosed text will only be displayed if the required language is selected.

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