Much of what users see or how they intereact with ImpressCMS is controlled by the permissions they have as they enter the system. Sets of Permissions are organized into Groups.

Default groups

When you first install ImpressCMS, the system provides three default groups - Webmaster, Registered and Anonymous groups.

During the installation process, you are required to define a webmaster account - this account can be thought of as the main technical administrator and webmaster of your instance of ImpressCMS. Using this account, you will setup the rest of the permissions by modifying an exisiting group, or defining new groups.


The visual aspect of permissions - or what a user has permission to view - is handled by Blocks. Blocks are mapped regions on the screen.

By default, ImpressCMS already defines several regions, namely: left-side block, right-side block, and the center block.





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