To be able to maintain a good service with ImpressCMS Addons we need to place some guidelines on the submissions of new content. Please provide the following required information in your submission:

  1. Version status. What release type is your module/extension: Final, RC, Beta, Alpha. You can either give a URL to your own download area (your support site), the URL to the project site of your module, or post the .zip/tar file. If you post the .zip/tar file, we will add a copy of it to the ImpressCMS File Release System, and ensure the primary download link points there, thus ensuring its availability to all.
  2. Full description. Give a description of the purpose of your module. This description will be the information on which the user will base whether or not he or she will install your module.
  3. Include the php, mysql, ImpressCMS version your module is compatible with, along with other requirements, and detail the install and upgrade processes. 
  4. Readme. Your file must include the readme/changelog/upgrade txt files within your module package that detail points 2+3+4 above.
  5. License. Specify the license of your addon.
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