Ref: information from XOOPS version 2.0.14 release notes, credits to Skalpa Keo Designers can add custom templates to their themes, and those will be used instead of the default ones. To exploit this feature, templates have to be created in subfolders of the themes duplicating the default folders structure and removing the "templates" part:

  • To overload system_userinfo.html template located in modules/system/templates/system_userinfo.html you have to create your custom version in /modules/system/system_userinfo.html
  • To overload system_block_login.html template located in modules/system/templates/blocks/system_block_login.html you have to create your custom version in /modules/system/blocks/system_block_login.html

Output resources overriding for developers

To allow theme designers to customize images or stylesheets, you have to use the new theme class and xoImgUrl templates plug-in.

  • Scripts and stylesheets can be declared to XOOPS using the theme class addScript and addStylesheet methods. The theme instance is available after the inclusion of header.php by using the $xoTheme global variable, and in a template variable of the same name:


  • Images and medias URLs have to be generated by using the xoImgUrl plug-in in your templates:


Output resources overriding for designers

Designers can also provide custom versions of most output-related resources using a mechanism similar to the one available to templates, for modules that support this.

  • To create a custom stylesheet that will replace modules/newbb/style.css, create your customized file in /modules/newbb/style.css
  • To create a custom image that will replace modules/newbb/images/reply.png, create your customized file in /modules/newbb/images/reply.png
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