The user interface of ImpressCMS can be easily translated, thus giving your users the option of having their site frontend and backend in their own language. For some users that can make the CMS easier to work with.

ImpressCMs translations are stored in a few different files, on several locations : 

  • the /module/modulename/language/ folder for each module, including the system module
  • the /languages/ folder
  • the /install/languages folder

In the future we might look into bundling that into a single or just a few files, but for the moment it suits our purpose, and it makes it easy to do manual translations should you want to.

Translation using Transifex

There are many very good translating services on the internet, and our community member ep98 took the opportunity to start using Transifex to make the process of translating less technical.

More information on how this works can be found on the page Translating with Transifex

Manual translation

You don't need to use Transifex, there is the old-fashioned way : manual translations. For that, you can download the following file and unzip it. 

You'll have the English base files that contain all the translatable texts from the ImpressCMS core. All that needs to be done is to translate the texts and announce your translation on the forum.

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