The following instructions are to update from the SmartFactory XOOPS Multilanguage installation to ImpressCMS 1.1

  • Download a full copy of ImpressCMS 1.1, and delete the mainfile.php from the htdocs folder.
  • Uploaded all files of ImpressCMS 1.1 htdocs folder onto your site
  • Chmod mainfile.php to be writable (777)
  • Upload upgrade folder
  • Browse to /upgrade
  • Follow the upgrade instructions
  • Change the charset of the database for UTF-8 in the related step of the upgrader
  • Manually created a trust path folder and input the path in the related step of the upgrader
  • Followed the rest of the upgrader steps.
  • When all was done, enable Multilanguage in System > Preferences > Multilanguage
  • View SmartLanguage > Smarty tags and create all these tags in System > Custom tags
  • edit theme.html to use these new custom tags instead of old smary tags. So <{$mytag}> became <{$customtag.mytag}>
  • Your site is now updated :)

Please ensure you backup your site and database before attempting this.

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