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Please note: The core development of ImpressCMS has transitioned to Git - for more information, read this. Module development is still using the Subversion repository, though

If you are familiar with Subversion (SVN), you can contribute to the code development and commit your code directly in ImpressCMS repository. If you are not familiar with subversion, you are encouraged to investigate this (as it's a really cool tool !) :




You can also search or ask our forums !

Accessing ImpressCMS SVN Repository

As a member of the ImpressCMS Team, you will have commit permissions on the ImpressCMS SVN repository on Assembla. Here is what you need to know about accessing our repository.

First, you need an SVN client. If you are on Windows, we recommend Tortoise SVN. It is very intuitive and works perfectly. 

SVN Repository Organisation

Once you have an SVN client setup, you can access ImpressCMS Repository. Our repository is divided into 2 modules: core and addons.

Core Module

The Core module, holds everything related to the ImpressCMS Core. The URL of our core is This is the URL you will need when checking out folders in the core module of our repository. The Core module is structured like this:

  • branches: this folder holds all the ImpressCMS branches, for each of our versions. Every time a new Release Cycle is started, a new folder in /branches will be created where the development of this release number will take place. Everyone in the ImpressCMS Team have write access in this folder.

  • releases: this folder holds are actual releases. Every single release will reside in this folder. This folder is publically visible so anyone and everyone can consult it, check out any release and browse any files.

  • tasks: this folder holds developers tasks. As opposed to the /branches folder, folders in the /tasks folder will not becoming official releases. The tasks folder is there to develop new features and improvements which impacts many files of the our code base. So instead of developing it directly in the active branch in /branches, a separate folder will be created for this in the /tasks folder. When the task has been successfully tested and is ready to be implemented in the active branch, it will then be merged to the appropriate active branch.

  • trunk: the trunk is currently for experimental and future purposes. It will not be used to build an actual release in the short term. It is for long term period.

Addons Module

The Addons module is where everything other then the core is developed. It is fully accessible by anyone and everyone to read, and by the ImpressCMS Team to modify it. The URL of our modules repository is This is the URL you will need when checking out folders in the addons module of our repository. The current structure is the following:

  • external_modules: this holds translations of modules, which are compatible with ImpressCMS.

  • languages: this folder holds all languages of ImpressCMS. Each language has a subfolder for every version of ImpressCMS.

  • modules: this folder holds the modules developed by the ImpressCMS Team. It also contains modules not specifically developed by the ImpressCMS Team, which users can find useful on their ImpressCMS web site. Those modules are committed on our SVN for convenience purposes.

  • pack: this folder holds pre-configured packs of ImpressCMS, that is ImpressCMS already configured with modules.

  • themes: this folder holds the themes developed by the ImpressCMS Team.

ImpressCMS SVN Policy

Because The ImpressCMS Project has adopted a very opened development scheme (see Development Philosophy) a strict Policy has been established. Everyone contributing in the code needs to follow our policy scrupulously. The ImpressCMS Policy can be found here. Please make sure to read it and understand every single line!

ImpressCMS Commit Review Policy

Since an SVN Policy is nothing if it's not enforced, we have implemented the ImpressCMS Commit Review Policy. This policy will ensure every commit in the core is reviewed by our team and properly accepted.

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